Travels Towards The Edge: Testimonials

A talk presented by Sue O'Connell and Peter Brisley

SHEFFIELD PS Feb 2019 I cannot remember enjoying an evening of photography more I have been a member of SPS over 20 years and in that time we have had some very good speakers but I cannot remember enjoying an evening of photography more than I did on Friday evening and all I have spoken with have said the same. Jim Charlton, President

RHONDDA CC Mar 2019 terrific presentation, thoroughly enjoyable A big thank you to you and Peter for the terrific presentation earlier this evening. Some wonderful images and great insights into the countries visited, their people and cultures. Thoroughly enjoyable. David Lewis, Programme Secretary

BARNSTAPLE Mar 2019 A great evening Thank you again for a great evening. It was so refreshing to have a travel talk that gave the whole picture - the people in their landscape and their way of life. All with fabulous images. Michael Hedges, Programme Secretary

BRISTOL PS May 2019 (TTTE2) one of the best Thank you both for a terrific talk full of insight, history and humour, not to mention some stunning pictures. I look far and wide for good speakers and the best are on our doorstep! Mike Hall Programme Secretary I thought last night was one of the best. Excellent images and just the right amount of info as well as humour. Barry Mead FRPS, BPS member

CHELTENHAM May 2019 an evening to be long remembered I have been in touch with several members today and all agree that it was an evening to be long remembered. Colin Trim Programme Sec It was entertaining, educative, stunning, awe-inspiring and ended with a masterclass in monochrome photography. Paul Jay, Vote of Thanks (by permission)

RICHMOND AND TWICKENHAM 23 May 2019 mouthwateringly gorgeous photographs A huge Thank You for one of the best evenings we have had in a very long time. You are Travellers, not tourists. What was very apparent was your genuine interest in the people you met, your respect for their customs, traditions and religion. Your response to the landscape and the people who lived there, shown in some of the most mouthwateringly gorgeous photographs, was an inspiration to all those contemplating a similar adventure. Your presentations were an object lesson on how to ‘do’ Travel photography, with sensitivity, endurance and a huge amount of skill. Jay Charnock FRPS

BATH 8 Oct 2019 Thank you for the fabulous evening I could tell from the audible gasps from the audience and the buzz that followed your visit that our members were really overwhelmed by your exciting photos and entertained by your excellent presentation skills. At the end of the day, I was mostly impressed by the extent to which you really did go to the edge to bring back these wonderful images. Mike Hendon

BROMSGROVE 19 Nov 2019 What a wonderful evening! Such a world tour! Your images were just stunning. I sat there in awe taking in each image but also excited to see the next. Your stories were also inspiring and entertaining. Jan Harris Prog Sec

STROUD CC 28 Nov 2019 An inspirational talk An excellent evening that really pushed the envelope with respect to travel photography. An inspirational talk to all who enjoy travel photography with some fascinating insights on the challenges of travelling the less trodden path in some remote but beautiful corners of the globe. The images were of the highest quality and provided much food for thought on how we can improve our own images. Thoroughly rec

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